Katie & Josh | Outer Banks Engagement

Katie and Josh are a serious exception to the rule "opposites attract." They are the exact same person. Seriously, things that wouldn't make sense or be funny to anyone else are just hilarious and totally normal to these two. They both have a great sense of humor and create a sense of happiness and fun where ever they go. It doesn't end there though. They are passionate about the same things. They can quote any movie... at any time. Both Katie and Josh have genuine hearts of gold and would do anything to help anyone. Furthermore, they share a history. The love story between these two is unreal.

Katie grew up spending her Summers on the Outer Banks and although the story is far better than I will tell it, here goes:

Katie and Josh spent their Summers living across the street from one another. Their families always got together with the neighborhood for cookouts and parties and a big 4th of July event! Each year they would spend countless hours together and according to a series of old photographs, they had a lot of fun!

Fast forward years and years and they are starting to romance… dating… breaking up… going to college... getting back together and falling head over heals in love. Now they are planning October nuptials on the very beach that they met on so many years ago.

Their engagement session was so much fun! We started in Duck and headed down to Corolla on a Northern Outer Banks tour… I just love these two and can't wait to see them tie the knot!! It's so exciting to know that they will someday be raising their own kiddos on the same little strip of land that they have so many of their own childhood memories on! Warm and fuzzy, huh?!

I just adore how Josh is so in tune to Katie. A stray hair falling into her face, he's there to tuck it perfectly behind her ear. A whisper... a kiss on the cheek... he adores his girl!

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