Kim & Gregg | Outer Banks Engagement

Have you ever met someone that automatically felt like a friend? Someone that you could chat with for hours? Similar interests and all?

Kim was just this person for me! She is so sweet, a serious Outer Banks lover, a dog-momma and a really bad@ss police officer. I knew that it would be a great wedding as soon as we started talking months ago at Front Porch Coffee in Nags Head. I mean... not that I am a bad@ss police officer... but... I still feel like she is my kinda gal!!!

This Coquina beach session felt less like a photo session and more like a day at the beach with a friend, her love and their pups! Juno and Thor are such awesome dogs and truly are Kim and Gregg's babies! I love when pets are a part of the family!

Coquina Beach is one of my favorite locations to shoot. Gorgeous lighting and wide open beaches!

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