Shaina & Chris | Outer Banks Wedding

"Just dance with me..." Chris said this to Shaina on their wedding day as they took the crows nest at their beach house in Corolla, NC for their first dance. Shaina wasn't sure if the music was set just right. Chris reassured her with a simple touch of her elbow and a "just dance with me" as he looked right into her eyes.

It was magic. Magic. Pure magic! Their wedding day was everything a wedding day needs to be. They were surrounded by love. They even brought their Pastor in from their hometown. It was such a personal touch and it made all the difference in the emotion during their ceremony. Shaina and Chris are so in love. They are so deeply connected with each other, God and their family and friends. This was truly a beautiful day!

The simple "just dance with me" is a great way for all married couples to go about life, love and a relationship to last a lifetime! It's advice I know I needed to hear for my own marriage. Some days, you just need to forget about the stuff. You need to put aside the dishes. You need to turn off the TV and put the work aside and just dance together. Forget about all the details. Just dance. {Thanks, Chris!}

I loved the images of Chris reading the letter from Shaina just before walking down the isle. I'm telling you, the emotion was intense! I absolutely had to have a tissue up my sleeve.

Here's wishing this beautiful couple 100 years of happiness!

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