WEDDINGS during a Pandemic!? Yes please!

2020 brought many rescheduled events and the wedding scene was drastically impacted! While COVID made everything feel up in the air, many couples just decided to go for it! I actually got to be the only witness to a handful of couples this year and had the honor of signing licenses in some cases!

This couple had to rescheduled their wedding once and when they rescheduled, they decided that it would be an intimate affair with just the two of them, their officiant and myself. They asked the sweet hairstylist to stick around so that they could live stream to Facebook and it was so cute! The wind was howling and it was threatening rain but we managed to sneak onto the beach for their ceremony!

I LOVED their spark and connection. These two are serious lovebirds and I am so grateful that I got to capture their day!

After they danced in the dunes, they headed to dinner together and spent their night celebrating on the water. It was truly a beautiful and meaningful event that just couldn't wait. Lots of love to these two!

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