Outer Banks Wedding Expo

With just days until the annual Outer Banks Wedding Association Expo, we know you are gearing up to #anchoryourlove right here on this beautiful sandbar! I am so excited to get to meet each and every one of the the 2016 wedding couples! Over the years of participating in wedding expos as a professional and also as a bride and bridesmaid, I have come up with a few great tips to share!

I’ve come up with my top 5 tips for attending a wedding expo.

1. Grab a stack of pre-made identification stickers. This might sound like a no-brainer to some, but every year I hear people say, “Wow! That was such a great idea! I wish I had thought of that!” You can print your own from your own computer with a product like Avery or you can order some through Staples.com! We have a Staples right here in Nags Head and they can do overnight printing, so it's not too late! Trust me, it's so much easier to put a sticker down on the sign up sheets in each booth than to have to write out your name and email each time!

2. Bring the essential people only. Heavens knows I love my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and my husbands Great Aunt Jenny. I love them, but this is not the place to invite everyone. Sometimes, it’s not even the place to bring the entire wedding party to. The group of people who share your vision for your wedding are the best ones to bring along. In short, if you wouldn’t invite them to your PRIVATE Wedding Pinterest board, they probably don’t need to attend the show. You will likely leave with more confusion than you went in with and feel pretty overwhelmed by all of the ideas that Great Aunt Jenny came up with! ;)

3. Focus on the vendors that you still need. Need them all? Then, heck yes! Visit them all! But don't let yourself get roped into talking to a photographer if you have already booked with someone else. If you already have your event venue booked... keep walking, girl! You have so many other great vendors to meet! However, if you still haven't booked a vendor with a contract and retainer... talk to everyone! You might be surprised on what you learn from all of these amazing folks!

4. If you can attend both days, which I 100% suggest doing, then be sure to go through the information that you received on day 1 and see if you are able to make any decisions! Chances are you will save some money by booking vendors during the expo weekend. If you take the time to go through your bag of pamphlets and information magazines after the first day, you can circle back around on day two before your date is booked by another bride!

5. Don't get overwhelmed! It's so easy to be consumed by all of the information that people are throwing at you! Just relax and have fun! Lots of yummy food can be tasted and why stress when people are giving you FREE cake samples? I mean... what could be better than that?! Free. Cake. Samples. Have fun! Okay, I know I said 5 tips... but here's a 6th... COME SEE ME AT BOOTH #83 in EXPO NORTH! :) I am doing an awesome giveaway this year AND my wedding packages are $200 off this weekend only with your expo ticket! Can't wait to see you all!

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