All Shapes and Sizes

I love that Outer Banks weddings come in all shapes and sizes. The OBX is such a beautiful place to begin with so it easily makes the perfect venue for a wedding. While some people go BIG, other people keep it simple. This sweet couple joined their lives together with only close family and friends. They spread out Turkish towels on the sand and their family members truly had their toes in the sand during the ceremony before an epic deck party back at the house.

One thing I have noticed throughout COVID shutting everything down is that in life... the show must go on. If you're not willing to wait for the state of the universe to return to normal and you want to start your "happily ever after" now... this is a beautiful way to do it! Keep it small and simple!

Did I mention that all the kids ended up in the ocean in their wedding attire at the end? This family was FUN!

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