Theresa & Rob | Outer Banks Wedding

I've had so much fun working with this incredibly stylish and immeasurably kind couple over the past year. We met up for their engagement session last year and it just feels like yesterday that we were talking about their wedding plans! Theresa & Rob had an amazing wedding day. When you are in the 4x4 area of the Outer Banks, or anywhere in Corolla for that matter, there is a concept called "The Corolla Bubble." One minute, its beautiful and the next, full on coastal thunderstorm! Luckily, on Theresa and Rob's wedding we only had mild sprinkles and a gorgeous sunset snuck out behind the clouds at the last minute! It was the perfect wedding day for the perfect couple! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown!

#outerbanks #obx #wedding #weddingphotographer #obxwa #beachwedding #offroadbride #corolla #corollanc #itheewed

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